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Josh Jenkins

Founder // Creative Director // DOP

A University of Otago grad with 10 years marketing experience. He’s the winner of gigatowns, an adopter of new technology and self-taught content creator able to edit for extended periods of time without numbness or fatigue.

One part self-proclaimed TV buff, four parts husband and father, one part lover of the ocean, one part Radio National listener and one part native bird admirer ... two many parts?

Josh has high standards and good communication skills, don’t be surprised by an email at 6am, always trying to nail the shot, or getting picky in the edit suite.

In his spare time, you’ll find him failing to live sustainably and enjoying the outdoors through fishing, camping or surfing. Sometimes he’s even in pretty good shape, but most of the time he’s not.

Call it wishful thinking, but Josh also believes that one day he’ll live in a world where his young dysfunctional family can enjoy a walk on the beach without a notification of another climate change event.

His Mum and Dad are so proud.

Josh Jenkins | REFRAMED MEDIA | Video Production & Strategy | Dunedin, NZ
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