Dunedin Food Stories

Savour Dunedin’s Food Stories and enjoy the tales of the city’s flavours

About the project

We were salvating when Dunedin NZ approached us to help develop a series of local food stories.

We’ve worked alongside our city on a number of content projects and agreed that showcasing our city through people and food was a brilliant way to weave the wider themes of work, study, live and travel.

The pre-production process involved finding local characters who best represented our themes. We also worked alongside a local musician, Abby Wolfe, who hand crafted a music track to accompany the videos.

With our talent having small windows of opportunity the shoots were run and gun with no second opportunity to recapture a shot.

The result was a variety of stories being told through food experiences in Dunedin with a mixture of mediums including video, photography and text. Not to mention we experienced some amazing cusine.

The content was then marketed by Dunedin NZ to a national and internal audience through print, online and soical media.

The Numbers

Stories Told
Video Views
Photos delivered
Restaurants Visited

A selection of the campaign content

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