Predator Free Dunedin

We’re pleased to be helping enhance Dunedin’s biodiversity.

About the project

An ambitious community lead project close to our hearts, we have been involved with Predator Free Dunedin since it’s inception in 2018.

Predator Free Dunedin is a conservation collective formed to create a biodiversity rich city. 20 organisations working together, under one umbrella, to achieve predator free status over 31,000 hectares. Our goal is for a predator free Dunedin by 2050.

Reframed Media are overseeing the Predator Free Dunedin communications. The project has many different stakeholders actross the city, a large number of volunteers, alongside this, the project is split into three distinct delivery partners who are at different stages of their trapping plans.

An ongoing project with an evolving strategy. We have placed a heavy emphasis on video to tell the stories of those involved, and digital channels to distribute them.

Our monthly tasks for PFD includes regular project updates, monthly newsletters, short community/volunteer stories, social media updates, and managing the PFD website.

Our Journey So Far

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